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Date added: 01/15/2018 New! Familiar Bite 2018 Whip 13"

"Crack the Whip" this 2018 season, with one of our Whip 13" Flashers...

Date added: 04/26/2017 New! Pookie Hoochie Squids

We will soon be adding 12 colors of our Pookie Hoochie 4-1/2" Squids. 

Date added: 04/21/2017 New! Familiar Bite 2017 Fresh Cuts

Our 2017 Familiar Bite Premium "Fresh Cut" Herring Strips are starting to be made available now. 

Date added: 03/30/2017 New! Familiar Bite Sushi Fly

New Sushi Flies, check out description on Sushi Fly page.

Date added: 03/30/2017 New! Familiar Bite LED Flashlight Key Chain

A great way to charge up your "glow lures". 

Date added: 03/07/2017 New! Familiar Bite Bait Rigs

Our 2017 Bait Rigs come with VMC Spark Point treble, GAMMA 100% Fluorocarbon, 50LB line, 60" leader and sold 3 per pack.

Date added: 03/02/2017 New! PayPal at Checkout